"A view of Cang Lang Ting"  (135 cm x 35 cm )  ink, pigment, paper        





    In my opinion, flowers as ordinary people can see every a

day are not supposedo be viewed as real fragrant ones

used to decorate their sitting rooms or bedrooms.

    Definitely they are apparently different from the ones

that are usually steamed or braised or even sashimi stained

with mustard. As for me, fish in my paintings will be beyond

fish itself, and flowers as well. Others may share the same

opinion about it. While I’m working on a new painting, these

lively fish formed in my mind will swim out of the tip of my

painting brush happily and flowers bloom fresh and colorful.

In fact, they are more vivid than real ones. Quite often

I can’t tell whether I ’m facing real fish or flowers.

Are they fishlike and flowerlike spirits?

    For the moment Susanne Langer and Ferdinand de

Saussure’s theories about symbols couldn’t help clear my

enchantment about these images.

      With these spirits flickering on mind, I spread paper flat and

paint these merry fishlike and flowerlike spirits on it. In a trance

I suddenly come to realize that’s really what I have long dreamed of.                                     






花儿 比真还真的鱼。






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